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mrchekovs asked:
Sorry but I'm just curious, where are you from? I think I saw a one post about questions, and I saw that you answered it with malay language, haha I just assume it was malay. haha :)

I’m from the Philippines :) 

rachislove asked:
Hey Besty!!! I'm so amazed with your artworks! You have to thank me for being such a good mentor. haha! :)) I made an account coz I was so intrigued with your account that I am seeing a lot of good comments about it. Sell your artworks na :) Miss you!

Thank you besty! Awww, you made an account just to see my stuff. Sweet! Yes, I do sell some of my artworks.  I’m also doing freelance work so you might want to tell your other friends about it :)) MISS YOU!