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Anonymous asked:
how do you get like clean lines on ps? would you mind to someday do a tutorial or a show the steps/work in pogress ? : ) thanks!

Hello! I use Adobe Illustrator (AI) in creating my illustrations and AI lines are vectors so they do not appear fuzzy or pixelated unlike the lines in Photoshop.  I only use Photoshop to add some effects and textures—I rarely use it for drawing.  For complicated details, I usually draw the image on paper first, scan it and trace it using Illustrator. If you’re really into digital art/graphic design, you might also want to consider investing on a pen tablet unless you use a mouse with your super flexible hand :)

In response to your tutorial/work in progress post request, I will try to make time for that.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for dropping by my site! :)